Unintelligible Scribbles

 The various scribblings of Stephen McNally

More Character Ideas

Some of these guys are getting a bit closer..

Character Ideas

While away I had a couple of ideas that I might (time, laziness and inclination allowing) develop into an animated short. It would be nice to start animating again, before I forget everything from Gobelins. To this end I've been doing some early roughs for some of the bevy of characters involved.


I was in Amsterdam recently, and did some quick sketches. Unfortunately the crappiness of the paper in the pad has worked against me. Also, check out Aoif's blog, moot-thought.blogspot.com

Cloth Scribbles

I was back on the buses for a bit which gave me a chance to try to improve at something that can be a bit vexing for me, drawing cloth and clothes. Instead of just drawing them straight I was trying to understand what was causing them, so the drawings were initially quite schematic before I fleshed in the folds.