Unintelligible Scribbles

 The various scribblings of Stephen McNally

Health Watch

This is the first bit of vaguely character animation I've done since Gobelins.

Grumpy Santa Claus

Well not really, Aoif suggested that title. It was the combination of thick glasses, bushy white beard and ponytail that made me notice this guy on the bus.

Roly Poly

cute lil' butter ball.. Aoif pointed out a second face though, which is a bit odd.

Dentally Disturbed

With all those strange noses, teeth were really getting neglected.. This is a guy on the bus, by way of the reverend Ian Paisley.

Broad Faced Man

I saw this guy at the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) at St. Kilian's, and his head lodged itself in my brain. A really broad head but with all the features squished into a narrow central strip. Also reminded me of Bill Clinton a bit.

Nasal Gazing

Various scrawls on the theme of nose.

Had the bizarre experience of talking about my TV work with a 3rd Year Vis Comm class. Was pretty nerve wracking, but also quite exhilarating. Phew. Particularly interesting for me was looking over my stuff and pointing out where I'd gone wrong, what I'd do differently, what didn't work and why. Talking about that helped to crystalise some thoughts on animation and design that had been fairly ephemeral before..


This man's posture was loosely based on the way I remember Jacques drawing, (that is, it mightn't be anything like the way Jacques draws, but it's my hazy impression).

Old Gent and Rotund Man

Just a quick post, and a quick sketch from my brain. He started off looking curious, but ended up with a beatific smugness that I quite like.

There's something not really working with this lad though.

Bus Scribbles

I started this because my bike was in the shop and I had to take the bus. So drawing people on the bus, I found they were looking a bit too awkward. To get away from that I started with random scribbles (mainly made by the bouncing of the bus), then made them into the faces of the grotesques that linger on Dublin buses. Most of the expression is based on the initial, uncontrolled scribble. The scribbles give a nice contrast of sizes and some odd shapes and angles I mightn't normally come up with.

so, unintelligible scribbles.