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Patrick: The Blow-In Saint, Awards Redux

Patrick: The Blow-In Saint from Stephen McNally on Vimeo.
Hooray! I won the IDI Award for Best Opening Title and Branding!
Watch on Vimeo for HD version.
IDI Design Awards 2008

Sketches and Characters

I've been thoroughly remiss about posting of late, but since my fan base has been crying out in it's need, Here's a quick update of some sketches from the bus out to feeding the cats.

Baby Steps

This guy's finally made the transition from plasticine to 3D. Progress on the project is slower than I'd like as I'm up to my eyes in work. Still needs teeth and eyeballs and to be rigged up. Oh, and a body too.

Some early modelling

I've started modelling characters now, starting in plasticine and moving to 3D.

More Character Ideas

Some of these guys are getting a bit closer..

Character Ideas

While away I had a couple of ideas that I might (time, laziness and inclination allowing) develop into an animated short. It would be nice to start animating again, before I forget everything from Gobelins. To this end I've been doing some early roughs for some of the bevy of characters involved.


I was in Amsterdam recently, and did some quick sketches. Unfortunately the crappiness of the paper in the pad has worked against me. Also, check out Aoif's blog, moot-thought.blogspot.com