Unintelligible Scribbles

 The various scribblings of Stephen McNally


Rough work in progress of a rain of frogs. Hopefully I'll get to finish it at some point.

A Sneaky Smoke

A quick sketch for this week's Illustration Friday topic 'Sneaky'. I won't get a chance to finish it this week, but here's the rough version and the ink sketch anyway.

Does God Hate? IDI Awards edition

The other week I won a second IDI Award for the opening title to Does God Hate? a panel discussion programme presented by Marian Finucane, where people shout / proselytise at each other about their notion of a God.

In other news, the gallery run for the Brainbelt exhibition at the Centre for Creative Practices (15 Pembroke Street Lower) has been extended until November 17th.

And I've changed the look of the blog too, hopefully it makes more sense now. It's all go at the moment.


The Brainbelt exhibition (with my some of my stuff in it) is on in the Centre for Creative Practices, 15 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin and will be open for the rest of the week (maybe next week too).

Gob #152

Gob #151

Gob #150

Gob #149

Gob #148


A quick drawing for Illustration Friday, under the theme 'Artificial'. It was going to be all in colour and fancy and such, but it's been a busy week.

Gob #147

Gob #146

Gob #145

Gob #144

Gob #143

Gob #142

Gob #141

Gob #140

Gob #139

Gob #138

Gob #137

Gob #136

Gob #135

Gob #134

Gob #133

Gob #132

Gob #131

It's been a little while.

Threadless t-shirt

That'll put hair on your chest - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

That'll put hair on your chest

I sent in a t-shirt design for threadless.com. If you've a spare minute nip over there and tell them you'd like to see it printed!


Inclement weather, rough

Very rough colour study, but headed in the right direction.


A quick scribble to test out my new toy, the Wacom Cintiq (graphics tablet crossed with a display).


I'm nearly happy with this character.