Unintelligible Scribbles

 The various scribblings of Stephen McNally

Thor facial rig test

A test of Thor's facial rig, it's a bit simpler than Loki's, but then so's Thor.

Loki facial rig test

An early facial rig test for Loki from a while back.

Loki and Fenrir

Loki and Fenrir amid the stripey trees
A detail of Loki
A detail of Fenrir
Work in progress
The original pen and ink sketch of Loki from ages ago.
This one is part of a larger project I'm working on, but also features in the Brainbelt Illustration Collective exhibition running in the Graphic Studio Gallery until tomorrow.
Loki was always my favourite of all the Norse gods, intelligent, mischievous and quick-witted.
Fenrir was one of Loki's children (One of the perils of shape-shifting amour) by the giantess AngrboĆ°a.

Brainbelt Exhibition 2011 Opening

The Brainbelt 2011 Exhibition in association with Design Week and Innovation Dublin is opening tonight at six in the Graphic Studio Gallery in Temple Bar. Come on down!